The Farm - Fishing

If you enjoy a relaxing afternoon fishing or just want to have some fun with your children then the Pond is perfect.  It’s just a short walk down to the meadow, where you will find the pond in a peaceful setting.  Every year we stock it with Rainbow Trout and you can try and hook a couple for your BBQ, (we just charge per fish).  There are also lots of insects and pond life for children to explore with fishing nets.

You can also fish in the river Aven, which borders our property for 1km, but you do need to have a licence.  The licences are easily obtained in Rosporden for a nominal fee.  The licence also allows you to fish in the three large ponds in Rosporden, which are stocked with a variety of fish.

Fishing in the sea is another option or if you really like your fishing why not go out for a day trip on one of the local fishing boats.