Vannes dates back to Roman times and in the 14th century it became the capital city of Brittany and a favourite residence for the Duke of Brittany.  Originally Vannes was completely surrounded by defensive walls and today about two thirds of these remain.   Within the walls there are lots of wooden beamed houses dotted amongst the narrow medieval streets.  It was a busy maritime port up until about the 19th century when this came to an end.  Today it still remains the administrative centre for Brittany and several University establishments have relocated here.  But today tourism and culture play and even greater role.

Vannes is an hours drive and is a lovely way to spend a day walking around it’s medieval streets and admiring the striking architecture and beautifully coiffured gardens.  Take time out to try some of the numerous restaurants and then later visit the bustling port, where yachts sail right up into the heart of the city.