Concarneau is a bustling fishing port, the 3rd largest in France and still has a few cannery factories for the sardines caught locally.  It is a great place to buy fresh seafood and if you are an early riser you can go to the fish auction that start at 6am! Alternatively you could take a tour later in the day or go to the fish museum and then later sample the many varieties of fish and shellfish in one of the numerous restaurants.

In the centre of Concarneau there is an old walled town that was inhabited as early as the 10th century by  monks and the fortifications date from the 13th century.  By the 14th century it became the fourth largest fortified town in Brittany and it is an intriguing place to explore with it’s rambling streets and historic houses. Take a walk along the ramparts, where you have great views out to sea and can see local trawlers, tuna boats and sardine boats tied up along the Quayside.  If you are feeling hungry why not try out the crepes, with a cup of locally made cider that Brittany is famous for.  There are also many shops, where you can buy souvenirs, biscuits, chocolates or maritime clothing.

Every year in August there is a festival over 5 days for the ‘Fete des Filets bleus’ (blue fishing nets), which was originally organised to raise money for the fishermen and their families that were suffering hardship in 1905 after the disappearance of sardine stocks.  Since then it has continued to grow and is now a very important event in the Breton calendar.  If you want to sample the culture then you will see it all here with a typically colourful Breton celebration with displays of Breton wrestling, music and dance competitions and then it all culminates in a big parade.

If you prefer a little quiet then take a walk along the stunning coastline or have a dip in the sea on one of Concarneaus’ fine beaches.