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To book a Cottage you can call us on 0(0033) 0298592005, send us an email at or complete the enquiry form on the ‘Contact Us’.  All our details are also on the ‘Contact Us’ page.


Unfortunately fraud has been in the news recently regarding booking holiday accommodation and sadly this affects  you as our potential Client and also our business.  Whilst we try  everthing in ou power to protect our business from fraudsters we completely understand our Clients being very wary with small business’s such as ours.  We also book holiday accommodation in France, UK, Spain etc. for our holidays and have been reading up on the best  advice when paying for your rental.  Here are some of the ways we check out properties and some reccommendations from other sites.

1.  We always ring the owners of the rental property before making a reservation and ask lots of questions about the property and payment etc.  this gives us a good indication of the people renting the property.

2.  Look up the property on a search engine and see if it is listed on different advertising sites, see if the contact details, website etc. are the same.

3.  Do they have their own website and does it match the email address, eg. our site is and our email address is  Double check the email address, scammers change the address in such a way it is easy to miss that it has changed. Eg;

4.  Ask to see a Booking Form and terms and conditions, these generally wouldn’t be provided by a fraudster.

5.  Most rental properties will only ask for a deposit to secure the reservation, unless it is less than 8 – 4 weeks away (this varies of course).  We would not ask a Client to make any payment within one day, we for example ask that a deposit is paid within 14 days of a provisional reservation.

6.  Look up to see if  the holiday accommodation has any reviews, usually a good indication of reliability as well as reading what previous Guests have to say.  You may also find a link if this property has had problems with fraud in the past.

7.  Do a search on Google earth, does the property actually exist and if so are the details the same.

8.  Check how long the property has been advertised on a site for.

9.  Discuss payment with the owner, we for example will accept cheques as well as transfers, as far as we are aware fraudsters don’t accept cheques as they take too long to clear.  Paypal is another option with guarantees, however Paypal charge for this service.

Please note these are just our ideas and there are many other ways to check out if a property is legitamate.  You can put in a search for holiday property scams and there will be lots of different sites that appear, often the national newspapers have good articles on how to avoid scams.


Please don’t let this put you off booking your holiday through small family run business’s, we have stayed at many lovely places in the past and have never had any problems.