In France lunch is a very important part of the day as it is time to socialise, relax and savour, you will still find the smaller towns and villages shut up for lunch.

Brittany is famous for it’s crepes and galettes and you will find plenty of restaurants and cafes specialising in this local cuisine, they are often served with a ‘bol’ of cider, which is a small cup.  The galettes are savoury and the crepes sweet and they come with a variety of fillings.  You will also find that the crepes may vary as often the recipe has been handed down within the family and a closely guarded secret.

Seafood and shellfish is in plentiful supply as it is caught, grown or landed nearby.  Concarneau still has a large fish auction most days, although you have to get up early to see it!  The seafood is the best we have tasted, often on the ‘plat du jour’ menu and varieties that you won’t have seen before. Be sure to order a fresh seafood platter and you won’t be disappointed.  If you haven’t tried Oysters before then this is the place to try them as they are fresh from the sea or rivers, reasonably priced and delicious.  If you don’t like seafood then don’t worry there is a lot of choice and a lot of the meat on the menu will be reared locally.

The cider is a must and you will find a huge selection on offer as there are many producers just within our region.  It is worth trying different bottles as the flavours vary and they are also graded as brut, demi sec and sec to suit all tastes.  You can also go on a cider trail to visit some of the farms that produce the cider in this area.