Mountain Biking

You are welcome to bring your own bikes and we can store them in one of our barns for safe keeping.  Please note that children up to the age of 12 must wear a cycle helmet or you are liable for a fine.

Children like to explore the farm on bikes with other children they meet here, which is great as you can relax in the knowledge that they are a long way from roads.

You can also go cycling on the countless lanes and green tracks around us without having to put the bikes on the car.  Our local Mayor provides a map with all the tracks and lanes that you can go on and we think they are wonderful as they are so quiet and there are lots of things to see en route.

Within a short drive there are lots of forests to explore with mountain bike tracks of varying levels of skills, there are also picnic tables if you want to make a day of it and take a packed lunch.

Nearby in Rosporden there is an old railway track, which has a gentle gradient, perfect for cycling or walking whilst the children cycle!  The path starts in Roscoff on the North coast and finishes in on the coast in Concarneau, you can join it at any point and it is great for for any age or level.  We like to cycle to Concarneau in the summer have some lunch or an ice cream (or both!) and then catch the local bus back.  The buses have a bike carrier for up to 8 bikes on the back and it costs just 1€ per person, it is a great way to cut the journey especially as it is uphill on the way back!