Whilst we can’t offer you white water rafting down raging rivers, you can go canoeing down some stunning rivers close by.  You can choose from the rivers, Aven, Belon, Odet, Laita or even the sea!

Take a trip down one of the rivers under your own steam and why not take a picnic and a bottle of wine!  You will see old Chateaux, if you are lucky wildlife and spot sights that can only be seen from the river.  It is a truly relaxing and agreeable way to spend an afternoon and then you can really say that you have earn’t that slice of gateau at the end of the day.

If you would like a more testing river then one of the rivers has a competition section on it complete with the entry and exit gates, very popular with local canoeists.

You can also go canoeing on the sea, a great way to keep cool on a hot day and you can usually rent sea kayaks on the some of the beaches or near the marinas.

In addition to being able to rent canoes from the various rental companies we also rent out our canoes, one of which is a Canadian canoe, large enough for a family.  If you can’t transport the canoes on your car then we can also take you down to the river.