Our coastline is spoilt by wonderful beaches but what many visitors don’t know is that we have many Islands within easy reach of our shoreline.

Iles de Glénan


Cette splendide archipel se trouve à seulement 14 kilomètres au large du continent et se compose de 8 grandes îles et une dizaine d'îlots, qui sont entourées par des eaux cristallines, white sandy beaches and has plenty of flora and fauna. Isle Penfret is the main island which is inhabited during the summer and has two restaurants/Bars. To get there it is serviced by vedettes (ferries) de Concarneau et Bénodet, some of them will also take you on a guided tour around the archipelago. It is also a great place to sail and dive and there are world famous Schools on the different islands.

Golfe du Morbihan


Il ya des centaines d'îles à explorer dans le Golfe du Morbihan, qui est une grande baie créé 9,000 years ago and they are all are just a day trip away. Here are two of the largest ones.

Ile aux Moines

It’s about an hours drive from here and then just a short ferry ride across the golfe. It once belonged to the Abbaye de St Sauveur in Redon, hence the name Island of monks. It has been inhabited since neolithic times and has several megalithic sites to visit, dont l'un est le cromlech le plus important en France.

Isle d’Arz

Encore un saut de puce de la terre ferme vous emmène à cette île pittoresque, with it’s mild microclimate. Wander amongst the 17th and 18th century houses, which was once a rich fishing village. Or take a walk through the woods, où vous pourriez tomber sur le château étrange.