Coronavirus update


As you may be aware France has started re-opening slowly, so we would like to let you know how the situation stands at this moment.  The regions in France are classed in a traffic light system according to the level of coronavirus cases.  Brittany is a green zone as we have very few cases.

On the 11th May  business’s were allowed to re-open as were Gites and Chambres d’hôtes.  Parks and gardens re-opened on the 30th May. Restaurants/Cafes/Bars, theme parks, zoos, museums are being allowed to open from the 2nd June, there are some restrictions in the orange zones. The borders in France remain closed until June 15th, but we expect an announcement soon that they will be re-opened on the 15th.

All business’s have been given strict guidelines to follow regarding the hygiene protocols required to be put in place before opening.  This is currently a guide and as you know things can change very quickly, so we suggest you go to the UK or French Government sites for more up to date and detailed travel information.

We have now re-opened our cottages after the lock down and would like to inform you of the measures we have already taken and the new cleaning procedures that we will be implementing.

Every year before we open for the season every Cottage is given a deep clean that takes us about 3 days.  We clean thoroughly with cleaning chemicals, every surface all linen/bedding, every utensil, all appliances and every item of furniture.  We also apply the same cleaning procedure to all the outdoor furniture.  Once a Client has vacated a Cottage we usually take 3/4 hours to clean before handing over the keys to the new Client.

This year in addition we will be implementing the hygiene guidelines (currently provisional guidelines) we have been given by the Tourist Office to ensure our cottages comply with the new covid 19 protocol.  All our cleaners will wear masks and an overall that must be changed every 4 hours and these have to be changed when entering a different cottage.  All the cleaners will be trained on the new rules we have to follow, including social distancing.  They will also be given a checklist to follow as they clean, which will have to be signed off when a cottage has been finished.  The cottages will be cleaned either with diluted bleach, hydro alcoholic or a disinfectant, items that are difficult to clean (e.g. books, magazines, games) will be removed to ensure hygiene.  We will pay particular attention to items that are touched regularly, e.g. door handles, light switches etc..  We will supply in addition to the usual cleaning chemicals, disinfectant and diluted bleach for cleaning as well as a bottle of hand hydro alcoholic gel.  According to the guidelines if a cottage has been empty for more than 5 days then the usual cleaning procedures will be sufficient.

As an extra precaution this year we have emptied the pool, cleaned it thoroughly and refilled it with fresh water.  We test it every day to ensure that the chlorine and Ph levels are correct.  All furniture will be disinfected regularly and we ask all Clients to use their own towel to cover the sun loungers when using them.  Following the regulations we will limit the number of people in the pool area at the same time.  We will provide hand hydro alcoholic gel for use when arriving and leaving the pool area and also before and after touching communal items, e.g. parasol.

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions or would like any more information.  We hope this goes some way to reassuring you that we will be taking all the necessary precautions to ensure that your stay is as safe and as comfortable as possible and will not disrupt you having an enjoyable and relaxing stay at Keranmeriet.


Erika and Rob